My teaching interests span public policy, the American Presidency, agenda-setting,  American government and political institutions, social policy with a special emphasis in health and aging policy, and social science statistics and research methodology.

Teaching Experience at San Francisco State University:

American Politics Seminar-Graduate, 2019 (FA)
Scientific Inquiry in Political Science-Undergraduate Upper Level, 2018 (FA), 2019 (FA & SP)
The American Presidency-Undergraduate Upper Level, 2018 (FA)

I have also mentored undergraduate research projects in political science:

2019: Abigail Richards, Congressional Influence on the Supreme Court Agenda, San Francisco State University. Winner of the 2019 Gloria Rummels Award for Best Use of Quantitative Data at the Annual Social Science Student Symposium
2017-2018: Mark Goldberg, Race, Constituency, and Representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, The University of Texas at Austin
2016-2017: Kevin Valenzuela, Are All Rights Created Equal? A Statistical Re-examination of the Human Rights Committee, The University of Texas at Austin
2015-2016: Martin Gutierrez, The Role of Attention in Regulation of the U.S. Financial Market, The University of Texas at Austin